Capricorn tarot december 21 2019

Watch out for the full moon in Aries on October 13 making you extra sensitive. Never fear, an intellectually stimulating date on the twenty-third can bring your romantic life back to life. The sun enters mysterious Scorpio, making you extra curious, both about learning new things and learning about your lover.

Use this new information when the new moon is in Scorpio on October Wow your partner with a sensual night at home to show how intimately you know them. Things will get spooky when Mercury goes retrograde on Halloween, so start prepping now. Looking for guidance?

Mercury, the ruler of your Sun sign, is retrograde in the 7th house of relationships.

December 21 Zodiac Sign

Communication with your significant other or clients is not what it could be. There is lots of conversation but not enough understanding. The horoscope of the year for all the 12 signs — from Aries to Pisces.