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In this Puja, 11, Mantras of the concerned Nakshatra are recited, Water is collected from 27 different places and leaves of 27 different plants are kept in the Puja and Homa. After the Puja has been performed, donations are given to 27 Brahmins which includes 27 kg of Wheat, Ghee, Clothes and Money to the Brahmins as well as food for Cows. Please note that this Puja has to be performed only once in a Life time. When is Grahan Dosh formed? This conjunction forms an eclipse. The results of this conjunction can be seen effective throughout the life of a native.

To get rid of malefic results of this dosh there are certail Pujas prescribed in the Vedic Astrology. Effects of Grahan Dosha can be listed as follows It obstructs progress in education and career growth. Native is unable to acquire name and fame in the society.

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Obstacles in progeny, miscarriage, abnormality in children, health issue to children. Lack of peace, instance of defamation and frustrations. Loss of memory, depression and mental stress.

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Irresponsible nature, emotional immaturity, absence of leadership qualities, and personality disorders, suicidal tendency, and respiratory diseases. Grahan Dosha Nivaran Puja benefits Bestows success in profession, business, career and education.

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Eliminates mental disturbances and blesses with balanced state of mind, confidence, will power, decision making power, peace and harmony Cures chronic diseases and enhances the overall stamina and vitality of the body Resolves problems related to child birth and blesses the individuals with healthy progeny. Helpline No. All Remedial Solutions Challenges and problem cannot be completely absent from our lives. This puja provides aid in eradication of all doshas and obstacles that are caused by the the bad planet. Rudrabhishek Puja Rudra is one of the avatars of Shiva.

The main reasons for which is the puja is performed are : increased life expectancy, longevity, safeguard and cure for chronic illness,and healthy life, and also for protection against enemies. Sadhe Saati Shanti Puja Sadhe saati is transit movement of Shani Saturn through the 12th house to the 2nd house which is 7 and a half year long. Other benefits of sadhe saati puja are: Nullifies the chances of untimely death or accident. Minimises mental stress and tensions.

10th House of Horoscope & Chandra + Rahu = Grahan Yoga , vedic astrology from Naresh.

It aids a person in getting out of debts and upcoming phases of financial low or cash crunch. It helps to seek lineage. Product Image. Company Details.

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View Mobile No. Send SMS. Grahan yoga, as the name suggests is formed when the shadow planets have eclipse on the life of the person. It is said to have formed when.

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As per the astrologers, the Sun and Moon are the planets which are representatives of Father and Mother. Hence, any trouble on anyone of them shall be reflected on the parent as well. Also, they have effects on the life of the individual as well. Sun represents father, government, authority, esteem, honor, ego and power. A graham dosha with sun shall hamper the progress in the similar fields. It creates a defective putra yog.

There are chances of chronic health ailments of self or children. Moon represents mother, emotions, psyche, home, security, convenience, nourishment, and comforts.

A grahan dosha on the moon can have adverse effects on the mind. If this yoga is corrected as per the scriptural injunctions, then it can result in positivity. One cannot imagine the prowess of this yoga when it is on the positive side. It can give then individual with loads of success and fortune. When pacified through authentic and authorized Vedic methods, one can be blessed with nectarine life.